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Student Leaders

Enactus Italy's Student Leaders

As a member of an Enactus Italy team, you’ll be joining a worldwide network of more than 70,500 students who are making their own contribution toward our shared mission of creating a better world through the positive power of business with the creation of an entrepreneurial project.

Therefore, the Enactus experience is designed to be a natural extension of your other academic activities, with the flexibility to create projects that best fit both the mission of your university as well as your own interests.

The culmination of the Enactus Italy’s program is the Enactus Italy National Competition and the Enactus World Cup. These competitions are challenging, team-oriented events that provide a forum for your team to present the results of your projects, and be evaluated by business leaders serving as judges.

As an Enactus student, your efforts are supported by a global network of academic leaders, executives, and Enactus staff. On your local campus, the Enactus program is led by an Enactus Faculty Advisor. You will also have access to a dedicated Enactus Italy staff that is available to assist you in your efforts, as well as numerous training resources, events, sets of unique programmatic initiatives and grant opportunities.

We invite you to get involved to raise the quality of life and standard of living for others, through the positive power of business, by joining or starting an Enactus team on your campus by contacting us.

  • You have the opportunity to be connected with other students around the world, create an international network and get to know the team that will present at the National Competition and the World Cup
  • You might discover the projects already developed in the past from different realities
  • You would be part of a sustainable community discussions that are available to all international students to share advice and experiences
  • You can join the challenges launched by Enactus International alongside other nations.