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Enactus Criterion

Every country that operates an Enactus program organizes a national competition, from which one university team is named national champion and advances to compete at the Enactus World Cup. In every country around the world, and at each level of the overall competition, the judging criterion remains the same:

Which Enactus team most effectively demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership to drive business and innovation for sustainable positive impact to benefit people, planet, and prosperity within the last year?

Entrepreneurial Leadership: identifying a need and capitalizing on opportunities by taking personal responsibility, managing
risk and managing change within a dynamic environment.
Innovation: the process of introducing new or improving existing ideas, services, technologies, products or
Use of Business Principles: applying a sound business model and business plan.
Sustainable Positive Impact: demonstrating a measurable, lasting improvement for people, planet and prosperity.*
* Prosperity – fulfilling lives economically and socially

 “Enactus students are developing a strong awareness of, and responsibility for their society and environment. By embarking on the social innovation projects through the Enactus program these university students are well on their way to contributing to the achievement of the Global Goals by 2030.” 

—- Kate Taylor, UNOPS