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Enactus UNICAL

During this academic year, our team had the privilege of representing the University of Calabria for the first time in an international reality such as Enactus. The goal of the first meetings was the achievement of a perfect synergy among the members of the group, mixing academic knowledge and personal experiences to build a competitive and stimulating team. Although there are many different educational paths in our team, we found several common points such as getting out of our comfort zone and giving practical application to the theoretical concepts acquired during our academic career. In the next brainstorming phase, we expressed our ideas without reservation, generating a series of valid alternatives. Among these, we focused on the most appropriate one in respect of the Enactus Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and especially the one which was closest to the values of the whole group.

Enactus Project 2021


Our vision consists in giving children the same opportunities to learn while having fun
and to be able to express themselves freely through play. How? by transforming a drawing into a real object we give the possibility to play, paint and learn, allowing children to fully express their creativity and offer a better educational experience.
From all this comes (PLA)y, a highly inclusive project that aims to help the little ones to know
and embrace the values of play and education, while also teaching them respect for the

First, 3D printing is the central element of the project. Our goal is to create a user-friendly platform and this will allow various models to be printed from the smartphone or the tablet.
For the printing material we have decided to use PLA, a material that has some characteristics that are perfect for the success of our idea: non-toxic, biodegradable, renewable and cheap.



Annual Report UNICAL

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