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Why Help

university team:

University of Eastern Piemonte


A medical truck able to provide medical care to isolated communities operated by unemployed medicine graduates.

Seeing Opportunities:

High rates of youth unemployment has been an issue affecting Italy for many years now. These numbers are especially high for recent graduate students in sanitary fields.
In the Piemonte area, there is an always rising number of white and green codes in the Emergency rooms. These rising numbers are partly due to isolated communities’ lack of access to medical services.

Taking Action:

To solve the two identified problems, the Enactus UPO team developed ‘Why Help”. “Why Help” is a cooperative employing just graduated students in the health sector (nurses, doctors, obstetricians, and dental hygienists). With the help of both mobile devices an a medical truck these young professionals will be able to reach both isolated communities, and those group who have more difficulty accessing ordinary medical services. Through this activity, “Why help” will allow a large number of communities to get access to preventive medical care, thus reducing overcrowding of Emergency Rooms.

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Project Preview