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Unwasteable, born to be reused

university TEAM:

University of Insubria


An innovative waste management system financing environmental educational programs for primary and secondary school students, raising awareness on water pollution caused by plastic.

Seeing Opportunities:

Every year, in Italy, we collect 2.1 million tons of plastic, of which only 25% is recycled. This is due to the combination of an inefficient waste management system and low levels of awareness regarding plastic pollution and recycling

Taking Action:

With the desire to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution, the Enactus Insubria team developed ‘Unwasteable, born to be reused’. By working together with companies operating in the sector of plastic production, educational institutions ranging from elementary school to universities, and non-profit associations, the Enactus Insubria team will develop both an innovative waste collection system which will create both new job opportunities for disadvantaged people; and environmental education programs to be delivered to schools, thus sensitising people to a conscious use, collection, and recycling of plastic materials. Unwasteable’s long term objective is to embrace the EU circular economy model, and guide others in doing the same




Contact us: enactus.uninsubria@gmail.com 

Project Preview

Annual report 2017 – 2018