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University Team:

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano – Finalist 2018


An innovative job-searching platform for sheltered groups that allows hiring companies to look beyond disability.

Seeing Opportunities:

People affected by disabilities face emargination and prejudice in their daily lives, which rise exponentially when they start looking for a job. Oftentimes, companies hire them without having the correct understanding of their necessities and capabilities.

Take Action:

With the support from companies, associations, families, and youth, the Enactus Unicatt team assessed the needs of their stakeholders and, together, they created a prototype service: ThisAbility.
ThisAbility is an innovative recruiting platform that, through ICF method and video CVs, allows people with disabilities to better express their abilities. Alongside the support provided to the candidates, ThisAbility will also support companies throughout the full pre and post hiring process, with the purpose of changing the perception about disability from a barrier to an added value inside a company.

Enabling Progress:

By the end of May 2018, the team of Enactus Unicatt started the pilot phase of the project by recruiting 7 people. After delivering a training session to the recruited candidates, the video CV were created and shared with ThisAbility’s partner companies. Thus giving both new hope to beneficiaries and their families, and a new positive perspective to hiring companies.

Advanced SDGs:


Contact us: enactusunicatt@gmail.com

Project Preview

Annual Report 2017-2018