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University Team:

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano – National Champion 2019


An automatic system that helps people both to properly dispose of their expired medicines and to donate those expiring to people in need.

Seeing Opportunities:

Nowadays, the issues of waste and incorrect disposal of medicines go almost unnoticed. On the one hand drugs are more and more expensive, while on the other hand, the gap between wealth and poverty is widening.

Moreover, the lack of knowledge and sensitivity towards the correct disposal of medicine causes a significant environmental damage.

Lastly, it is found that the deficiency of educational programs on these topics contributes to the problem.

Take Action:

In order to solve the above-mentioned concerns, Enactus Unicatt created “PharmaCycle”. This project aims to dramatically increase the number of collected packages ready to be donated to disadvantaged people and to sensitise consumers about the proper disposal of expired medicines.
How? Thanks to an automatic SMS-sender system which tells each consumer their drug is close to expiry in terms of donation (8 months in advance of the real expiration date) and also illustrates the right way of disposal when the drug has reached its final expiration date.
This system counts on a specific database we created as to collect telephone numbers of the clients and expiration date of the medicines at the moment of purchase after signing a disclaimer. Then Banco Farmaceutico/Amsa will keep up with their ordinary business of collecting packages and delivering them according to their purposes.

Enabling Progress:

We started working on Pharmacycle at the end of February 2019 and we already have obtained two fundamental cooperations with the pilot pharmacy, which is Farmacia Centrale of Brugherio city, and Fondazione Banco Farmaceutico itself. The latter will guide and support the project throughout its life thanks to its knowledge of the sector and its experience.
In addition there will be two awareness-raising events that could allow us to interface with our supporters and to implement the “Svuota l’armadietto” (Empy your cabinet) operation. These activities will comunicate to consumers the importance of drugs’ proper disposal and the social impact of medicine donations.

Advanced SDGs:



Contact us: enactusunicatt@gmail.com