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Our Common Thread

University Team:

John Cabot University – National Champion 2018


A sustainable textile social enterprise that allows people in need (poor, disadvantaged, ill-integrated) to tell their story while pursuing a job in tailoring through the refurbishment of second-hand clothing.

Seeing Opportunities:

In the past few years, Italy has witnessed employment challenges, which resulted in significant social and cultural integration challenges as people in need have little opportunities to find employment, to tell their stories without fear of being judged, and to integrate in society. Secondly, fast fashion has become one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world. Only in John Cabot University, every semester, a high number of exchange students leave around 75 kg of perfectly good clothes which get thrown-out.

Taking Action:

In order to solve the two identified problems, the Enactus John Cabot team created ‘Our Common Thread’. ‘Our common thread’ is a social enterprise that will aid people in need (poor, disadvantaged, ill-integrated) of the Trastevere community in Rome to tell their stories while pursuing a job in tailoring through the refurbishing of second-hand clothes collected from John Cabot University. Through its activities, ‘Our common thread’ aims to inspire Italy to accept and  welcome people in need and provide them with the opportunities they deserve to begin and pursue their new lives by raising awareness on both the importance of acceptance and integration, and on the necessity of waste reduction for an overall healthier and more sustainable planet.

Enabling Progress:

Between March and June 2018, the Enactus John Cabot team established partnerships with a variety of clubs and department within their University who will help them to both refine their business model and provide logistical support to ‘Our common thread.’ Furthermore, they established a partnership with Communità di Sant’Egidio, a Roman NGO that will not only support them in identifying and training the migrants that will run the project, but also provide them with a free location to store and sell their clothes at the Città Ecosolidale market.

Advanced SDGs:



Contact us: enactusjohncabot@gmail.com

Visit: https://enactusjohncabot.wixsite.com/ourcommonthread/

Annual Report 2017-2018