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University Team:

University of Trento


A food truck run by refugees to promote social integration through food

Seeing Opportunities:

In the past few years, Italy has witnessed an uprising influx of migrants, which resulted in significant social and cultural integration issues. In fact, official statistics show that 69% of the Italian population is diffident towards migrants.

Taking Action:

Kilimangiamo is an entrepreneurial project in which, after specific training courses and partnerships with local professionals, a group of migrants will gain both the tools and the opportunity to communicate their culture and history through the commercialisation of traditional meals. The Sale of these gourmet meals will take place on a travelling food truck, which will deliver integration at the doors of many stakeholders.

Enabling Progress:

In 2017, the Enactus Trento team established a partnership with the organization Cus-Cus, which offered to provide professional cooking training to ten migrants in the Trento area. Before and after the training, the Enactus Trento team organized two different events were the migrants were able to share their culinary traditions with their community in Trento. In 2018, the Enactus Trento team was further able to establish a partnership with the Africa/Orient experience restaurant-chain run by Hamed Ahmadi who will both act as a logistic headquarter for Kilimangiamo, and offer his experience and expertise.

Advanced SDGs:


Contact us: enactus.trento@gmail.com

Visit: https://kilimangiamo.wordpress.com/

Annual Report 2017-2018