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Calypso Kiosk

university team:

Università degli Studi di Macerata


An orchard and kiosk run by immigrant women aimed at regenerating an abandoned agricultural area in collaboration with local governments, schools, and associations.

Seeing Opportunities:

In the past few years, Italy has witnessed a great influx of migrants, which resulted in significant social and cultural integration challenges. In particular, Immigrant women are among the most fragile group of migrants as they are the least engaged citizens in the economic, social, and cultural development of the community. Secondly, the Enactus Macerata team identified a growing number of abandoned, fertile, green areas in the proximity of their city.

Taking Action:

Calypso Kiosk aims to regenerate an abandoned agricultural area of 6.6002 m in the proximity of Macerata, which has been donated to the Enactus Macerata by the Municipality. The business will focus on the production, distribution and promotion of genuine, Km 0 vegetables and fruits. More specifically, the area will host an orchard and a kiosk which will be run by four immigrant women, who will receive formal training on how to run their business from ten students from the local agricultural school.
By involving multiple actors,Calypso Kiosk will raise awareness regarding social inclusion and sustainable farming, further allowing the community to taste quality and typical products while being surrounded by a natural, colorful, and multicultural environment.

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Project Preview

Annual Report 2017 – 2018