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2 parole per 2 generazioni

University Team:

Università degli Studi di Verona


A cross-generational financial literacy program for seniors delivered by university students to both uplift the community of Vicenza and encourage social inclusion.

Seeing Opportunities:

The collapse of Banca Popolare di Vicenza in 2015 had negative and heavy repercussions on the local territory. The collapse revealed that in the Vicenza territory part of the population didn’t have sufficient knowledge regarding financial literacy and services offered by banks. The most affected group by the collapse was the elderly population, which developed a general mistrust towards banks, which they see as ‘Necessary Evils.”

Taking Action:

To uplift the community of Vicenza, the Enactus Verona team decided to create ‘due parole per due generazioni’ (2×2).
2×2 is a cross-generational financial literacy program for the elder population with the aim of preventing social and financial exclusion. These financial literacy courses will be be developed in cooperation by university students, professors and, bank counselors.

Advanced sdgs:


Project Preview

Annual Report 2017-2018