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Why Help

A medical truck operated by unemployed medicine graduates which is able to provide medical care to isolated communities.


An innovative job-searching platform for sheltered groups that allows hiring companies to look beyond disability.

Our Common Thread

A social enterprise aiding people in need (poor, disadvantaged, ill-integrated) to pursue a job in tailoring through the refurbishing and sale of second-hand clothes.

2 parole per 2 generazioni

A cross-generational financial literacy program for seniors to both uplift the community of Vicenza and encourage social inclusion.

Unwasteable, born to be reused

An innovative waste management system accompanied by youth educational programs aimed at fighting water pollution caused by plastic

Calypso Kiosk

An orchard and kiosk run by immigrant women aimed at regenerating an abandoned agricultural area in collaboration with local governments, schools, and associations.


A social enterprise that aims at empowering and integrating migrants in an innovative and inclusive way through the use of a food truck.