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National Competition 2021


Follow the live event at 2PM here !



Enactus teams in Italy compete at the Enactus Italia National Competition.

A distinguished panel of top executives reviews the presentations of all teams and ultimately chooses the Enactus Italia National Champion team. This team then represents Italy at the Enactus World Cup and competes against the National Champion Teams from all the other Enactus countries.

The Enactus Italia National Competition brings together the top student, academic, and business leaders from around the country.

We can’t wait to discover in detail, the innovative and entrepreneurial projects that are the result of the Enactus Italia teams’ commitment during this past year highlighting the resilience they have shown, despite the challenging period.

We are waiting for you! Mark your calendar for June 17th !!!!

This year we have a big surprise… have a look at the video here below.

This year, we have a big surprise, if you’re passionate about dancing, or coding, or photography, Enactus has a place for you. No matter what your passion is, bring it to the table!

The energy of being passionate is perfect for purpose.

At Enactus National Events and Enactus World Cup 2021, you will be invited to share stories of impact, talents and connecting to the intention of your passions – Passion on Purpose.

To apply for the #PassionOnPurpose initiative please click here, you have time until the 15th of May!

Video instructions:

  • maximum length 1 minute
  • landscape format