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Work with us

Working with Enactus Italy is a unique opportunity. The members of our community not only have the chance to contribute to the success of the organization, but they become part of the mission of creating a better world through the positive power of business.
The core culture of Enactus Italy is defined by the highest standards of integrity and ethics, as well as a commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect for all individuals. In addition to approaching our work with a spirited attitude and a determination to make a difference,

Enactus Italy’s members also exhibit the following principles:

  • We work with passion.
  • We are performance driven.
  • We accept personal accountability.
  • We are entrepreneurial in our approach.
  • We contribute to a learning environment.
  • We collaborate to achieve one vision.
  • We lead by serving those around us.

These foundations and values are why Enactus Italy attracts and retains talented individuals who are highly motivated by a sense of purpose and conviction that what we do matters.

Want to know more about how to join us? click here, or contact us at: mbertolai@enactus.org