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Enactus UNITS

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” We are sixteen passionate students coming from different faculties who wanted to leave a positive mark and make something that adds value to our society. With this aim in mind in October 2021, we formed the new Enactus team of the University of Trieste. Coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region with a vast mountainous area, which is facing a fast pacing decay, we decided to take on the responsibility to find a solution. This is how we came up with our project.

Enactus Project 2022

Smart Borghing

Our goal is to create a two-sided intermediation platform to connect depopulating hamlets with smart workers, looking for a new and healthy approach to work, and companies that are in need of coworking spaces to organize team-building activities in a unique and uplifting setting.
The project targets those individuals that want to discover a new approach to work and life.
We offer them disruption of monotony and improvement of mental and physical health through the organization of recreational activities related to local territories (e.g. rental of bikes, workshops, hikes…); we hope to bring back a slow life without city frenzy, and ultimately create a network among smart workers. Giving smart workers the opportunity to enjoy a workation for variable periods of time – from a week to a few months – we want to introduce them to an alternative way of living their work far from home, enjoying outdoor activities and crafts workshops, in order to facilitate work and avoid the isolation caused by work from home.We want to propose to companies a project that can focus on the well-being and health of their employees and that can create value in terms of cohesion of the work teams, improvement of relationships between employees, and consequently strengthen the sense of belonging to the


The rebirth of Italian villages is linked to their economic development, as evidenced by the creation of jobs, individual and corporate investment, and the expansion of existing activities. With our initiative, we wanted to bring all of these elements together in a single organic project that demonstrates that the future is not yet decided, but rather will be written in the coming years.





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