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Enactus POLIMI

The biggest Enactus team in Italy is composed by 64 students, 9 partner, 2 projects. Enactus Polimi was the 202o National Competition winner and won for the second time the Enactus Italy National Competition this year in Padova! They will represent Italy at the Enactus World Cup in Puerto Rico. Stay Tuned!

Enactus Project 2022

Shea Matters

Shea Matters started at the end of 2019 with the aim of creating a commercial channel of Ghanaian shea butter in Italy following the fair-trade model. After two years of work, a supply chain has been created, which is sustainable from a social and environmental perspective, and which has allowed Enactus Polimi to currently have the finished product stored in a warehouse in Cantù (CO). Meanwhile, the “team finance” is developing a business model with the help of some partners to ensure economic sustainability to the initiative. Thanks to the revenues coming from the sale of shea butter, Shea Matters will be able to develop some projects in Kumbungu based on the needs of the villagers: some examples are the purchasing of school supplies, the installation of a microgrid based on photovoltaic panels and a reforestation plan (also to offset the CO2 emissions coming from the supply chain). In the next months the “innovation team” will also explore new possible roads to reuse the shea butter production waste in line with the circular economy model.


Oyster2Life aims to give a second life to the wasted oyster shells produced by restaurants and markets. Our purpose is to recreate reefs of oyster shells in seabeds ruined by human pollution and intensive fishing, repopulating the zone and requalifying the ecosystem. Our project is divided into two main sectors; the first one is operative and concerns the collecting of the shells, the treatment of them, the deposit on the seabed and the water monitoring, in collaboration with some biologists and a whole net of stakeholders. The other one is about making the audience aware of the risk of reef erosion and the following danger for marine ecosystems. Through this, we want to raise funds to balance our costs.





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