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Our team is composed by 4 innovative minds with different backgrounds and skills, based in H-FARM Campus, close to Venice. We divided our roles in a very specific way, giving us a strong working efficiency organized as a startup, since our purpose is to create a solid company in the next years.

Enactus Project 2022

Key Brain

The pandemic has highlighted the necessity of providing psychological support in a more effective and direct way.
KeyBrain is a project born in H-FARM a year ago, that aims to raise awareness among people and companies on the importance of mental health and mental well-being, adopting VR technologies to improve the effectiveness and the usability of the related services.


Our main characteristic is the use of viewer to bring psychological help in every part of the globe providing a more immersive and personalized experience for the user. This technology will allow also people from less developed countries to talk with a psychologist in any moment.

People have to empower people: for this reason the first step of our project was the creation of the online community on Instagram and Telegram, where people can get in touch with psychologists and mental coaches, and the physical one in H-FARM Campus, that is supporting us in the creation of events and experiences.


Find us on Instagram @keybrain





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