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Enactus UNIUD

Our team is organized in a functional structure, divided into 3 main Units:
Technical, Financial and PR. The 3 Unit Leaders, together with the 2 Team
Leaders, also form the Coordination Unit, which organizes the main tasks of
each group, guaranteeing at the same time the continuity of the information
chain and the unity of the team as a whole. The copywriter and the videomaker
are included in the PR Unit.

Enactus Project 2021


It has become clear that for our CO emissions to be lowered we have to consider making
sustainable changes in the way we live. Co2gnac will be a technological solution transforming CO into ethanol, in a carbon negative process which does not add but
rather removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Currently, the ethanol production can be the cause of soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and the release of polluting compounds into the atmosphere. Not to mention that it requires arable land and water, which are taken away from food production, raising the price of food.



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