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Enactus UNITO

The Enactus UniTO association was founded in 2021 by a group of students
who, during the period of the covid 19 pandemic, realized that our socio-economic system had proven to be fragile and had developed in recent years in a way that was dissociated from natural eco-systems. COVID made it clear that the process of globalization has eclipsed the environment and the environment itself has turned against us. This was the common thread that drove us to work together from the beginning to create something concrete with the aim of inspiring people to do good and have a positive and sustainable impact in the world.

Enactus Project 2021


As we were not given the opportunity to move because of the various lockdowns we thought about where we could start. After a careful analysis of our resources and capabilities at that time, we decided to invest in our city’s student and the local community.
We thought of something simple but at the same time quick to implement and in line with our primary goal. Thus Project START was born, as the first in a long series of future projects and green solutions to be carried out by ambitious and young students. The project has the following goals: enhance, improve, and make a park useful and pleasant for college students in order to improve their university experience.



Annual Report UNITO

Meet the Team UNITO


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