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Enactus Unicatt was founded in April 2017 by a small group of students that strongly believed in entrepreneurship and its power to do good in society. In the last year, we have grown a lot
and today our group consists of 16 members with various skills and backgrounds.

Enactus Project 2021


ASAP aims at promoting, among young people, food sustainability and purchasing through a short supply chain. The project wants to make smarter the purchasing within GAS, (Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale/ Solidarity Purchasing Group) an Italian reality that allows a group of people to buy collectively and directly from producers.

Terzo Tempo

TerzoTempo aims at creating a more inclusive world for elderly people. We want to fight
elderly exclusion and isolation by enhancing their digital skills and fostering new
human relationships.



Annual Report UNICATT

Meet the Team UNICATT


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