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After its foundation in January 2021, the Enactus team of the Università degli Studi di Trieste started working. Considering the skills and educational background of its 8 members, the group decided to focus on developing a service to address social and environmental issues affecting our territory. Despite being small in size, our team is cohesive and heterogeneous, and aims at great goals. After overcoming the first difficulties, we have transformed our modest size into a strength, as every member of the team is fully engaged and strongly believes in the project.


Enactus Project 2021

Sea Side

By creating a network of different organizations and institutions, the project aims at giving back to the citizenship of Trieste a cleaner sea while, at the same time, supporting local fishermen from an economic and social point of view. It all starts from fishermen collecting waste encountered during their business activities and recording on journals the quantity and type of materials, together with the approximate location. Thanks to this kind of information, experts will be able to constantly monitor the conditions of the sea and draw one of the first report ever about the health of our Gulf. To repay sea workers for their contribution, they will be able to sell their product at a higher price as the value has been increased thanks to their
participation to the network. ‘Sea Side’ works to create a new sustainable approach toward fishing, that rewards both conscious individuals and the environment. For this reasons, it is not tied to our city but it can be exported to other locations that are willing to actively reduce the sea pollution issue.



Annual Report TRIESTE

Meet the Team TRIESTE

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