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Enactus POLIMI

Enactus Polimi was born in September 2019 with the aim of bringing together students of Politecnico di Milano who are willing to take action and use their entrepreneurial skills to solve social related probelms.

Enactus Project 2021

Oyster 2 Life

Oyster2life has the aim of reusing discarded oyster shells for the benefit of the ocean. Shells have incredible potentialities: they can restore the seabed, filter water and generate a new source of nourishment for the marine ecosystem.

Shea Matters

Shea Matters is based on empowering women living in African villages, producers of the traditional high-quality shea butter. The aim is to create a new commercial cycle, focused on selling African shea butter in the Italian cosmetic market, and reinvest the profits to improve the living conditions of producers.



Annual Report POLIMI

Meet the Team POLIMI

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