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KPMG is a partner of the Enactus project globally, in more than 30 member firms for over 20 years. In Italy, KPMG has supported Enactus since the very beginning, in 2016, with the intent to inspire and stimulate young people to become the leaders of the future.

The support from KPMG is concrete and it occurs through mentoring activities, training courses, challenges, tutoring and networking events. Our common network undertakes a path to spread the values of integrity, passion, social responsibility, but also of innovation and collaboration.

As the Enactus World Cup presenting sponsor since 2012, and offering support for more than two decades, KPMG’s leaders act as judges, mentors, board members, speakers and score keepers.

Fabio Vittori, Partner e Responsabile Human Resources KPMG in Italia

“Abbiamo creduto fin da subito nelle potenzialità del progetto ENACTUS, intravedendo l’opportunità di ispirare i nostri giovani talenti, rendendoli partecipi di questo percorso di ‘lifelong learning’ attraverso attività di mentoring e coaching. Educare e ispirare la prossima generazione di leader è una missione che guarda al futuro della nostra organizzazione e della comunità.” 

Lord Michael Hastings, Previous Global Head of Citizenship KPMG International 

“For us, ENACTUS is a critical partner in our Lifelong Learning strategy. At KPMG, we understand that the future will only be successful and prosperous if there is access to education for all. As part of our focus on Lifelong Learning, we are partnering with ENACTUS globally to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.” 

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