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Enactus UNIVPM


Enactus Univpm team with his project help people to use electric vehicle in a
sustainable way. We are passionate about innovation, change and entrepreneurship. Is important to us to
help the community, improve climatic conditions and respect the world. We would like to take part in
future changes. Our motto is: step by step!!!


We are three students of University polytechnic of Marche known at the
Contamination Lab laboratory. Our Enactus Univpm team was born in October 2019 and we are one of the
youngest Enactus teams in Italy. We are dynamic, strong and tenacious people with the aim of making a
global change respecting the environment.

Enactus Project 2020


AIRA was created to promote eco-sustainable mobility and embraces the key points of the UN
This is a new service that consists of the development of electric charging columns for small electric vehicles and other devices. The service is powered by a new renewable energy source which consists of transforming it into electrical energy from ground vibrations and kinetic energy resulting from a single pass.
The columns are always at hand thanks to the traceability through the app and are also coated with an antismog paint able to capture co2 and fine dust to have a positive environmental impact.

Presentation 2020



  • MARTINA NISI – Biomedical engineering – Tel. 3408888473 Email: martinanisi0507@gmail.com
  • PATRICIA ERCOLI – Building engineering and architecture – Tel. 3201869167 Email: patriciaercoli27@gmail.com
  • ANDREA CIVITA – Computer engineering – Tel. 3201646475 Email: andreacivita994@gmail.com
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