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Enactus UNIMI


Created in 2018, Enactus Unimi is one of the youngest Enactus teams in Italy and the only team of the University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano Statale). With dynamic student members from all over Italy and 10 other countries, almost entirely from UniMi’s Master Program of Sustainable Development.

Enactus projects 2020


Regeneration’s mission is to integrate prisoners and former prisoners under Article 21 in the green job market. In order to provide our target group with a second chance, we will provide opportunities for growth and self-realization through training and job integration.

You can watch the 77second Film realized by the team: Project Regeneration


As a response to fast fashion, Phoenix proposes the concept of slow fashion to foster corporate social responsibility, environmentally-friendly practices and economic inclusion for a sustainable and equitable renaissance of the fashion industry.

You can watch the 77second Film realized by the team: Project Phoenix 

Presentation 2020

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