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Enactus Unicatt

OUR story

Enactus Unicatt was founded in April 2017 by a small group of students that strongly believed in entrepreneurship and its power to do good in society. In the last year, we have grown a lot and today our group consists of 30 members with varius skill and backgrounds.

Our mission

Enactus Unicatt is a point in reference of the University campus for all those students who want to develop entrepreneurial and sustainable projects. As members of Enactus Italy, we will continue promoting the Enactus spirit in our country.

Enactus Projects 2020


An online platform for connecting different type of experts, who will be able to promote their work, with oncological patients, who will have the possibility to discover complementary treatments that could improve their quality of life.


PharmaCycle aims at saving valid medicines from going to waste. Thanks to a database used by chemists, consumers are notified about their medicines’ life cycle, thus increasing the donation of valid drugs and raising awerness on their correst disposal.


We focus on elderly exclusion and isolation, training and motivating them to use social networking technologies to engage in new human relations.

Presentation 2020

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