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Enactus Polimi

Our Mission

Our mission is trying to make ourselves useful for the others as being able to have a real social impact is a privilege for us. We want to put in practice our skills and apply everything we learn every day, by generating new and sustainable opportunities. Passion and sympathy are two of the main values of the team, through which everyone can have a positive impact on other people’s lives.


Enactus Project 2020


The opportunity presented itself when the team had the chance to get in touch with the people living in Bougoula, a village in Southern Mali. The severe economic conditions and the incredible potential of shea butter became the main drivers of the project. Therefore, the team started to understand how the cultural and economic relevance of shea could really empower the women of Bougoula, who are traditionally involved in the production. At this point, in March 2020, Enactus Polimi decided to launch Shea Matters, accepting the challenge of building a brighter future for Bougoula’s women and trying to achieve relevant long term goals.


Presentation 2020



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